Recovery From Pain and Medical Crisis in a Support Community

Rehab Therapy Resources, Inc. provides supportive psychotherapy for patients with a serious illness or injury, and now live with chronic pain and impairment.  It is not unusual to experience problems with stress, depression, and anxiety after a medical crisis, and to become isolated from the flow of life.  You will be given an individual therapist to support you and help you learn about the specific skills, attitudes, and behaviors that help you slowly but steadily "push back" and regain quality of life.  We also have specialized support groups, with other pain patients, to provide a "recovery community" to share encouragement and resources for your rehabilitation efforts.  Our clinic also has a physical therapist who specializes in creating an individualized home program of movement and stretching, with her treatments each week helping to deepen your steady response.  We  hold regular Chi Kung classes, and we have found that this form of meditative movement is often perfect for gaining back strength and balance and reducing stress and anxiety.  We are able to get you a free pass to a local indoor heated pool to work on your recovery, if that would help.  Overall, we work with people who are feeling "stuck" with their symptoms, and we help them start to feel hopeful and more active again.