Meet The Staff


Dr. Gary Whiting is the director of RTR, Inc.  He received his Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri, and his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas in Austin in 1990.  During his internship at the University of Missouri, he helped manage the Stress Management Laboratory which was adjacent to the Student Health Center and received referrals for medical conditions that clearly had a stress-related component.  He has had extensive training in biofeedback, meditation, prayer-based techniques of self-calming, and clinical hypnosis, and was certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis in 1998 after meeting their training and supervision requirements.  He has been the co-director of a work hardening/physical therapy clinic specializing in Workers' Compensation injuries and rehabilitation, and has extensive experience dealing with the posttraumatic stress issues that often occur after life-threatening injuries.  He has a particular interest in community-based models of mental health, and feels that a great amount of healing comes from mutual support and the ingrained desire we have to help one another.


I have served the San Antonio area as a licensed psychologist for 20 years, first as faculty at the medical school, and now in independent practice. I earned my Ph.D. in counseling psychology from The University of Texas at Austin in 1994. In my clinical practice, I provide psychotherapy for adults and also specialize in working with people dealing with health issues, such as infertility, traumatic injury, and stress. I also coach and consult with people who are not in any psychological distress, but would like support in achieving their most important health, professional, or relationship goals.

I have served on the faculty of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio for several years in the Departments of Rehabilitation Medicine, Psychiatry, and Comprehensive Dentistry. I was President of the Bexar County Psychological Association in 2000-2001. I am currently a professional member of the American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, Texas Psychological Association, Bexar County Psychological Association, and American Society for Reproductive Medicine. I am credentialed as a Health Service Provider in Psychology through the National Register. I am certified to offer the mind/body program for infertility created by Dr. Alice Domar, a leading researcher in the area of stress and infertility. I am also a Certified TeleMental Health Practitioner through the Telemental Health Institute.

I believe that it takes a true partnership to bring about change in a person's life. My job is to bring you the professional expertise that I have developed through many years of education and training. Your job is to tell the truth, take risks to be open, and make an honest effort to follow through with what we discuss. I will work very hard to make it comfortable for you to be yourself, so that you can take the emotional risks that are necessary for growth. I will believe in you every step of the way. As someone who has dealt with health challenges personally, I believe I have a unique perspective on living life fully, no matter what your personal limitations. My style is to listen compassionately to understand your situation clearly, help you set realistic goals, and then support you in courageously taking steps toward the results you desire.


When it comes to matters of the heart, maybe it's time to make a change.  If you are ready to take this courageous step, I would be honored to walk alongside you.  Let's find out how to untangle the past so you can attain freedom for your future!  There is so much more ahead!  My areas of counseling include:  anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, abuse, anger, co-dependency, stress, self-esteem, grief and loss, pain management, addiction, marital and pre-marital, mood and personality disorders.

 I graduated from UTSA with my Undergrad in Psychology and my Masters in Community Counseling.  I will feel honored to work with you as we begin the journey to help you achieve all that you desire in the process of counseling.  I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

I have had the privilege to be married to my husband for 38 years, raise 4 beautiful daughters, have 3 wonderful son-in-laws, and 4 wonderful grandchildren.  I am a lover of horses, beautiful lakes, and traveling.  I will always be a lifelong learner!  I am so grateful to be a part of the staff here at Rehab Therapy Resources and look forward to working with you!


The decision to seek therapy is difficult and personal. Not knowing all the answers to your life questions is natural. Often, people choose therapy during times of stress, discomfort, chaos, and emotional pain. It may also be when you are ready for changes or growth to happen in your life. I believe that within every individual lies the ability to overcome, learn, and persevere through the concerns that brought them to therapy. 

My clients count on me to provide an honest and direct professional appraisal of their specific situations for which they are seeking change and to offer realistic, holistic, and sometimes challenging guidance with insightful feedback. I listen with absolute non-judgment, helping navigate the journey to your desired goals.

Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, I will listen to your concerns & help you decide upon the most appropriate course of action.


I believe all human beings strive to create fulfilling lives with meaningful connections to others.  Having a greater understanding of our strengths and weaknesses enables us to make better decisions that lead us to living the life we imagine for ourselves.  Through therapy, I assist clients in gaining insight into themselves through increasing coping and self-awareness, and helping you identify and examine values and strengths in order to make realistic goals and movement towards the life you want.  Feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, shame, hopelessness, and anxiety/depression often derive from negative patterns developed over time as a result of traumatic pain or injury.

Recognizing these negative patterns help you find solutions for positive change that is healthy and empowering.  I provide a safe and collaborative environment in which individuals can explore and learn to identify both their specific needs and their inherent strengths so they can move forward with hope.


Iím honored to have the opportunity to be of service to the persons seeking improvement by engaging in the healing community of Rehab Therapy Resources.

I obtained a Master of Science degree in Counseling and Human Development, and a Doctorate degree in Professional Counseling. I have been licensed in Professional Counseling and Chemical Dependency Counseling. And I'm dedicated to work with every person, I can have the privilege of serving, to co-create reflexive questioning and meaning making dialogues that open new possibilities, and generate self-actualization patterns of perception, cognition, emotion and behavior for physical, psychological, social, and spiritual healing, recovery, growth, and development.

We will work together on your process of becoming, relating to others, to the world, and to life with growing conscious awareness in a constantly creative, renovating, and meaningful light of inspiration, hope, self-empowerment, and profound connection with love. We will promote your life energy with enthusiasm towards the fulfillment of your potential, and your desired way of being and interacting with significant others and your community.


I have been working here with my dad since I was 15 years old, and have come to greatly value the work that we do at this clinic.  It is my goal to make you feel understood and welcomed from our very first interaction.  As the office manager, I will do whatever I can to help you, whether that be figuring out problems with your insurance, or making sure that you are getting the care that you deserve.  I believe that every person is capable of making changes in their lives that will promote self healing and self worth, and am determined to make those goals accessible to anyone who is in need.